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Many moons ago, I used to hold a Poetry Club in the bookshop for children aged 7 – 10 years old. While pondering how best I could help with ‘home-schooling’ my four grand-children, I realised that the obvious thing for me to do was to establish a way of reading and enjoying poetry in the virtual world – hence the Zoom Poetry Club! The first one was such fun to do that I thought I could offer it not just to my grand-children but to any who might like it – so jump in, and enjoy yourselves!

Just a tip, I encourage the children to have blank paper and crayons/felt tips etc on the table while we are ‘zooming’, and I invite them to doodle during any of the longer poems ~ this seems to help them to listen!  Short poems I often read more than once.  I don’t ask the children to analyse the poems in any way at all – these sessions are all about the fun and pleasure of listening to the rhymes and rhythms, the msuicality of the poems. 


Friday Favourites #2

Poems we read


Anna chose Time to Dust the Daffodils by Irene Rawnsley, from Haven’t You Grown! poems about families selected by Belinda Hollyer, Kingfisher.

Joe and Sid chose Fledgling from Bright Bursts of Colour – Poems by Matt Goodfellow, Bloomsbury

Joe also chose The Teacher’s Day in Bed by David Orme, 

Abbie chose The Painting Lesson by Trevor Harvey, from Haven’t you grown! poems about families selected by Belinda Hollyer, Kingfisher.

Abbie also chose The Brook by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, from A Nature Poem for Every Day of the Year, Batsford  

I first learnt this poem from a book called Palgrave’s Golden Treasury which my Dad found when he was helping to thatch a roof – he found it in a loft, and the owner let him keep it!

We ran out of time during last week’s Friday favourites, so here are two of the items we missed!

Here is the Wordsearch we did on Wednesday. It is from the famous poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson called The Brook.  Find the words, then see if you can write a different poem using some of the words you’ve found?

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s Friday Favourites as much as we did.  What are your favourite poems on the themes of School and Spring?

Anna Dreda


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