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So, Fridays are going to be all about favourites: here are the poems that my grand-children have picked out as their favourites from the poems we have shared this week, and there are some tried and tested old-faithfuls for us all to listen to!

Abbie went for a dear, old familiar with The Owl and the Pussy Cat by Edward Lear from I Like this Poem and a new poem, David, by Matt Goodfellow from Bright Bursts of Colour

Sid chose The Big Things by James Carter from Orange Silver Sausage (read by Martine Dunn in the red box below) and The Shark by Alfred, Lord Douglas from I Like this Poem

Joe chose What Can You Do With a Football by James Carter and, because it always make shim laugh) Hello, Moon! by Patricia Hubbell from Orange Silver Sausage

Elsie chose First Dog on the Moon by David Orme from Orange Silver Sausage and maggie and milly and molly and may by e.e.cummings, from The Dragon Book of Verse, Oxford University Press

The Big Things by James Carter

by Martine Dunn | Orange Silver Sausage - a collection of poems without rhymes complied by James Carter and Graham Denton

We are so glad that Michael Rosen is slowly getting better and we send him our very best wishes.  This is a classic – well-loved, and rightly so.

The incomparable Joyce Grenfell: I came across a tattered old copy of George, Don’t do that … recently and remembered all over again how clever she was!

This was a perennial favourite at the bookshop’s Poetry Club – the children enjoyed acting it out!


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