she is fierce

Brave, bold and beautiful poems by women

5th Dudley Girl Guides by Liz Berry

Your plain faces are lovely as bunting
in the sunlight while you pitch your tents

calling to each other to pull guy-ropes taut
crawling easy as lads     lifting

the silver pole inside the green canvas.
I would like to be you again, just for a moment,

catching another wench’s smile like a frisbee
raising your flag in the expectant air.

Grand-daughter Abbie suggested that the next theme we explore at Zoom Poetry Club could be women and girls, so I ordered She is Fierce by Ana Sampson from The Poetry Pharmacy and it is marvellous! It arrived yesterday and tunrs out it’s one of those rare poetry books that I just sit down and read from cover to cover.  There are sections on

~ Roots and growing up

~ Friendship

~ Love

~ Nature

~Freedom, mindfulness and joy

~ Society, fashion and body

~ Courage, protest and resistance

~ Endings

There are many well-loved poets ~ Sylvia Plath, Christina Rossetti, Kathleen Raine, Gertrude Stein and the Brontes. Modern, contemporary poets are well represented too: Deborah Alma, Liz Berry, Kate Tempest, Polly Clark, Wendy Cope ~ and many more.

And ~ always a joy ~ lots of new-to-me poets, too. I’m looking forward to exploring further.

While looking up Ana Sampson, I found that she does lots of work with poetry and children ~ you can read more about that here

She is Fierce

Brave, bold and beautiful poems by women, edited by Ana Sampson

The Poetry Pharmacy

Our fabulous poetry bookshop, café and library ~ here in Bishops Castle, Shropshire

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