a Dance to the music of time

You may well have heard me talk about DoveGreyReader – a really interesting and thoughtful blogger on all things bookish – with a good smattering of posts about her quilting, walking, cooking, and more. I really enjoy her blogs.

Now that I have rather more time than I used to (though somehow still never quite enough!) I enjoy reading the blog more than ever and have this year, for the first time, decided that I can take part in Lynne’s annual reading challenge. Maybe I would have loved it more if it was Middlemarch, or the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy, or everything ever written by Barbara Kingsolver, but 2020 is the year I can do this and so the reading challenge is – drum roll – to read all twelve volumes of Anthony Powell’s A Dance to the Music of Time series, at the rate of one book a month.

The first book was hard! It didn’t engage me. I often found myself at the end of a page or – even worse – a chapter, without any clue what I had just been reading, and if it hadn’t been for the challenge, I’m sure I wouldn’t have carried on. Lynne did a much better job than me on Book 1 (mind you, she did have a couple of failed attempts behind her) and you can read what she had to say about it here: Dance to the Music of Time – Book 1

Mine is the second comment – you’ll see how much I didn’t find to say about it in comparison!

Anyway, I’ve started Book 2, A Buyer’s Market and am enjoying it much more.

Why not join us? Don’t worry about being late to the party – the advantage of being a month behind is that you’ll always be able to read Lynne’s blog before you read the book and that can only help. Let me know if you do!

The photos with this post are Lynne’s – you’ll see them if you visit her blog.

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