Poems as Friends

by The Poetry Exchange | Gregory Leadbetter talks about Kubla Kahn

Gregory Leadbetter was a much-loved contributor to the Wenlock Poetry Festival during its seven years presence in the poetry world. He was also a kind and generous supporter of the festival’s work in many ways. It was an absolute joy to come across this recording from The Poetry Exchange

Gregory is sharing his passion for the poem Kubla Kahn by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, which you can read here 

What comes through in this recording is the sense of joy and wonder that struck Gregory when he first encountered the poem as a 17 year old A level student. And how that joy and wonder has only grown over the years since.

And what a lovely surprise to hear that Fiona Bennett, of The Poetry Exchange, first met Gregory at a workshop he was leading in the Priory at Wenlock Poetry Festival. A very joyful start to my day in the earl hours of this glorious Spring morning!

You can read Gregory’s blogs here 

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