jennie can cook

and now, so can I!

I never really had the time or the inclination to get into cooking (Hilary points out that without either of these things she always managed to have a meal on the table at the end of the day!) but since early lockdown, to the surprise of everyone who knows me,  I’ve been putting on the pinny ~ and loving it! I’ve already posted about yogurt and risotto  and now it’s bread.

My first efforts were yummy, but I quickly got tired of all the kneading and the mess, so started looking for quicker ways of doing it. They were also tasty (but still pretty messy) and the one-knead method didn’t suit Hilary’s digestion. So, I got a bread maker ~ expecting that I’d be as thrilled as I’d been (and still am)  with the yogurt maker. Good gadget, good results? But although the bread was okay, the really fiddly and precise measuring went against the grain a bit, and I didn’t love the end result.

I kept trying different recipes, and it really was ‘okay’ but Hil came back from lunch with friends recently with a link to a French cookery site that her friend Janet used for daily bread making. Not speaking French, a trawl through YouTube found Jenny Can Cook and overnight, I made a delicious loaf ~ easy peasy!  No kneading, one bowl, about 10 minutes actual work, and the rest is just letting time do its thing. Subseequent loaves have been super delicious and I get a real sense of joy in making them.

If you’ve not been a fan of bread making till now, this might convert you! And oh, the smell of freshly baked bread early in the morning ~ heavenly!

'Jenny Can Cook' fast-bake bread

Just one viewing got me to bake a really good loaf! Since then, I’ve bought a baking scraper (!) and explored her channel ~ lemon brownies next!

The recipe

Here you get a bit more background (as well as the recipe) on Dutch Ovens and aerating flour ~ who knew!

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