Making a curtain

I’m very proud of my increased domesticity since the onset of Covid so there will be occasional posts (boasts?!) on here about sewing, cooking, even cleaning!

Back in October, I made my first curtain, with phone calls to Susie to help me along the way. I was thrilled with the result, and this led to other projects curtain-related, such as hemming curtains that had waited several years for ‘someone’ to do them, and even making tie-backs!

Now ~ another door curtain, this time for the front door.  But our trusted little sewing machine broke, and of course, we couldn’t go to the sewing machine repair shop in Knighton ~ so what to do? Luckily, my friend across the stream had a machine she could lend me. So one YouTube video later, I was off!

It’s not finished yet ~ but I threaded the machine!

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