with Birlinn Yarns

I started knitting in 2016 when I first saw Meg’s beautiful yarns as a table-top sale on Berneray, in the Outer Hebrides. I loved the colours and the texture, and the fact that the wool was from the beautiful sheep roaming just a stone’s throw from our cottage on the island.

My first effort was a big blanket for the bothy in our island garden: it keeps me warm and cosy when there are guests in the cottage. It was made in all the natural Hebridean colours and I love it! Now, I’m onto something even more colourful, and loving this, too.

I’m just knitting squares, and maybe that’s all I’ll ever do! I love the simplicity of thirty stitches in a square of plain knitting ~ no pattern to think about, no counting, just the repetitive action of wool wrapped round bamboo needles. I knit while sitting with my elderly neighbour in the afternoons. I knit while watching an hour of TV in the evening. Restful relaxation, with a beautiful end product!

Lots of my squares are up on the island ~ when I’ve got them all together and sewn up ~ I’ll post a picture. In the meantime, all the photos on this page are from Meg’s website. ¬†Thanks, Meg.

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