by Annie Garthwaite

Ludlow Castle, Cecily’s home for much of her life. Copyright: Manuel Diaz


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Yesterday, I finished reading my proof copy of CECILY by Annie Garthwaite. The book has been thirty-odd years in the dreaming and plotting and planning and two years in the writing. It is marvellous! Not being a fan of historical fiction (apart from the amazing work of Hilary Mantel) I came to this with no small degree of anxiety ~ would I like it? Would I get it? Well yes I did ~ I loved it. Within a paragraph or two I was totally immersed in the world of Cecily Neville ~ her pregancies, her losses, her family, her husband ~ and the rest of it: the politics; the intrigue; the strategising; the hunting; the sacrifice ~ I was there: and Ludlow will never look the same to me again. Beautifully written, powerfully realised.


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