Beautiful skies

One of our favourite walks on Berneray is ‘the headland walk’. It starts from the tiny car park by the gate across the machair to West Beach. And when I say tiny, I mean you could maybe get six cars on there ~ which just shows how quiet and remote this island is!

We first walk away from the beach, up the single track to the new graveyard. Opposite the grave yard, turn onto the grassy track towards the sea and drop down onto Queen’s Beach (so named because the Queen and family picnicked there once upon a time!). From then on, just hug the coastline or beaches ~ according to the tide.

From West Beach, cut through the obvious gap in the dunes, and head across the machair ~ minding the cows ~ until you are back at your car. Walking, it takes about an hour. Taking the ‘time to stand and stare’ ~ it takes as much time as you have!

These photos were all taken between 8.30 ~ 9pm on April 30th.

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