A Story a day…

at the Writers Centre for Wales

Half way through the week already – where has the time gone?

The way the retreat works is that we read a short story each morning, followed by an optional walk, a shared lunch, then free time until the gathering in the library for pre-supper drinks and chat. The short stories we’ve read so far are River Song by Joanne Harris and Extra Geography by Rose Tremain. I read somewhere that short stories are like very rich, dark chocolates – taken one at a time they are delicious and stimulating, but too many at once and you’ll soon feel ill! Hence, just one story – followed by lots of time for it to settle, for us to digest and process it. Some people read it gain for themselves in the afternoon, but even if not, it is surprising how the essence of a story emerges almost subconsciously, with seemingly random connections and links, even odd serendipities occurring along the way.

This morning’s story was Girl,Balancing by Helen Dunmore, I shall look forward to talking about it later, there is so much to discuss and think about.

Every retreat is the same, and every retreat is different, each one has a ‘feel’ of its own, an atmosphere, a character. This one seems to be full of laughter and joy – talking about books, poetry and music has a very calming effect on the soul and I for one am relaxing deeply into a lovely sense of well-being and companionship.

Yesterday we visited the wonderful Lloyd George Museum just five minutes walk away in the lovely little village of Llanystumdwy and tonight we’re going to visit the tiny community pub in the village – all in the name of supporting the local economy, of course!

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