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Responding to Covid-19

Like many readers, whenever I read a great book or an amazing new poem, I want to share it with someone. For over thirty years, I enjoyed the wonderful privilege of being a bookseller in the award-winning Wenlock Books in Shropshire. My bookshop closed to national fanfare and sadness in June 2019, but life goes on – and having run reading groups, readers’ retreats, literary tours, poetry breakfasts and poetry festivals for so long, the obvious next step was for me to develop these joyous activities further.

My mission was to bring people together around books and to bring poetry to people who don’t (yet!) know they love it, but Covid-19 has put a stop to all our groups and gatherings.

For now though – I’ll continue to share books and poetry with you here on the web site. Just click on the BOOKS, & POETRY  tab and browse away!

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